Books I Want To Read

It’s been a while since I read for pleasure. I miss reading good old science-fiction, fantasy, magic evoking books. Last I read (or rather reread) a good series was over Summer 2014, where I devoured Frank Herbert’s Dune series again. ~sigh~ Absolute bliss! Anyway, I recently got myself the new Kindle. Ok I got to be honest, it came yesterday, and I’ve already loaded it with books that I want to read, and have to read (for school).

Anyway, I’ve been scouring trying to find new books to read and came across this list. Loving the fact that the blogger is another Trudi Canavan fan. I love her books, and her trilogies are among those that I keep reading and rereading and rereading (you get the picture).  I am posting the list of new books that I should find and read.

Top Five Books On My ‘To-Read’ List.


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